Xenio 50® Proximity Smart Card Time Clock

A proximity smart card reader for busy high-traffic workplaces that collects real time employee data in clean and messy environments alike.

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Great for high-traffic environments

Proximity Smart Card

The Xenio 50 time clock comes with a proximity smart card reader, making it great for busy high-traffic workspaces. No matter how clean or messy the job is, the Xenio 50 collects real time employee data in almost any environment.

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Keep employees on schedule

Punch Restrictions

The Xenio 50 allows you to limit when your employees can clock in or out. In that way, you never have to worry about employees working more than their scheduled hours or having to owe them undue overtime.

Restrict Early In/Late Out

Control costly overtime hours by restricting when employees can clock in or out.

Employee punches in real time

Real-Time Data

Get employee data in real-time with our cloud based software, featuring built in WiFi and POE. The Xenio 50 can also work offline, allowing you to always collect employee data and have it safely stored for when you go back online.

Easy access for all

Employee Self-Service

With the help of its simple interface, employees can look over their hours, schedules, and punches directly off the Xenio 50’s LCD screen.

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