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Employee self service portal

Empower your employees with real time visibility of their timecard details including, overtime, breaks and paid time off. Set policies to enable approval of timecards online.

Instant access to schedule

Say goodbye to late arrivals and other schedule-related attendance excuses. EasyClocking gives staff and managers access to their schedules anytime, anywhere. Have complete Access anytime to the latest schedules and shift changes accessible via any web browser or mobile application.
EasyClocking Time & Attendance Software Calender and Schedule View
EasyClocking Time & Attendance Software Data Export Transformations

Delete Schedules

Have the flexibility to delete schedules to one or multiple employees, you can filter by departments, locations and jobs.

  • Easily request vacation, sick, and other time off
  • See time off balances in real time
  • Instantly see approvals or denied requests


Online clocking

  • Set rules to allow employees to clock in/out online or mobile
  • Clock in by pin or fingerprint
  • Employees can enter a specific job code
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Timecard approval

Create workflow for timecard for approval Eliminates paper based approval process Keeps you in compliance