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Assemble Your Need

Use the various out-of-the-box software components to intuitively assemble your unique scheduling needs

Business Process Workflow

Use the interactive workflow designer to create processes to manage your businesses unique rules

Fair Scheduling Compliance

Provides compliance features which is part of the new employee scheduling laws to address fair scheduling of employees

Different Shifts During the Day

Various times of the day can be scheduled

Weekly Shift Patterns

Weekly Shift Patterns can be created, saved and repeated

Shift Templates for Reuse

Shift Templates can be created for reuse

Certification Custom Field with Expiration

Custom fields such as Skill Level and Certifications can be created
with expiration date and notification/alert parameters

Shift Planning By Position

Plan and manage staffing needs by jobs or position for a department per shift

Compliance Laws Conflicts of Shifts

Show non-compliance conflicts of shifts

Shift Swap Requiring Department Manager Approval

A Shift Swap workflow modified in the system to include Department Manager Approval

Create Recommendation Engine Criteria

Ability to create recommendation rules and criteria to choose the best employee for the job

Custom Dashboard

Ability to create and modify custom dashboard from a widget gallery


Employee scheduling made easy with innovative software that meets your unique business needs

With EasyScheduling, you can easily assemble a wide array of components to meet your unique scheduling needs. The intuitive and interactive software will help you reduce the time it takes to plan, create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules. Say good-bye to sticky notes, phone messages, and voicemails.  Instead, free up the time to grow your business.

Recommendation Engine

Augments your decision making by recommending the best employee/s matched for the job based on criteria such as skill, preference, and performance

Shift Drop

Prioritize the publishing to a selected group first, from a pool of available people, based on the recommendation engine

Target Invitation

Prioritize the publishing of schedules to a select group first, from a pool of available people, based on the recommendation engine rules

Shift Swap

Ability for employees to swap schedules with a coworker based on company policies and approval controls

Coverage Alerts

Set up various alerts to get notified in time if your open shifts are not filled, your team is not staffed, or if your coverage need is not filled

Team Staffing

Ability to staff a team for a job by planning, creating, managing and notifying based on the team, not individuals

Mobile App

Manage, get notified, and respond from anywhere, anytime, real-time for both managers and employees

Custom Fields

Create custom fields that are smart and actionable. Define and create as many as you need

Schedule Templates

Create your favorite daily or weekly shift plans and save them as templates for reuse

Schedule smarter and faster no matter where you are!